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Purpose of the Group

Counter-EO UK exists to generate opportunities for better business for its members, in the UK and international markets. By collaborating with relevant stakeholders in government, we secure a joint role in the planning of procurement, innovation and partnering. We establish a strong and unified presence in the Defence and Security markets in order to maximise the branding, activity and relationships for Counter-EO UK members and the value proposition to future customers for our End to End Capabilities.


  • Presents opportunities for new business opportunities.
  • Delivers the value of a focused group for the UK Counter-EO supply chain.
  • Enables pre-procurement networking within the group, with relevant decision makers and influencers in the UK government and with overseas customers.
  • Generates opportunities for a joint presence at events.
  • Delivers a strong marketing message for Counter-EO UK, including individual member company material.
  • Communication channel from the member through to relevant stakeholders.
  • Regular, relevant information from the market to the members.
  • Provides genuine influence for all members across the national and international Defence and Security sectors – a representative voice.