About Us

Delivering integrated solutions based on British excellence to counter the IED threat.

Representing the UK’s Counter Explosive Ordnance supply chain and collaborating with Her Majesty’s Government, British Army and security forces, Counter-EO UK delivers integrated solutions to enable partners to counter the threat of IEDs, explosive remains of war and other explosive threats. Working in line with the NATO Doctrine stated Lines of Operation: Attack the Network, Prepare the Force and Defeat the Device, and delivering a depth of operational understanding and Intelligence, Counter-EO UK can offer integrated improvised explosive device disposal and weapon intelligence solutions tailored to customer needs. The group can also help reduce the threat posed by unexploded artillery & mortar shells, hand grenades, cluster munitions, bombs and similar weapons often found after the end of active hostilities, plus the logistical disposal of energetic materials.

The UK Counter-EO Industrial base has earned worldwide respect through over 40 years of experience of working alongside our government colleagues to deliver capability. We understand the threats and partner with government agencies to define requirements. We can then measure against a dynamic, UK Counter-EO database to identify system of system options, capability gaps and choice of suppliers. We listen and work with customers to analyse the threat and assess existing capability. We present options for an End to End Capability (E2EC) with a timeline for delivery and an integration plan to deliver the maximum effect.

Operational Experience

  • We have a thorough understanding of the explosive ordnance┬áthreat following decades of UK Armed Forces success in countering IEDs on operations at home and worldwide
  • We understand that a comprehensive cross-government, military and police response is required to protect the population and we work with you to provide integrated solutions

Depth of Supply Chain

  • We offer a comprehensive capability for countering the explosive ordnance threat supported by a supply chain of over 130 UK companies
  • We have access to an industrial base with experience of delivering effective solutions for Counter-IED for over 40 years
  • We provide affordable and innovative capability solutions and through life support

Speed of Response

  • UK Industry has proven its ability in recent operations to provide and deploy solutions to urgent operational requirements
  • We deliver the very best British innovation and technology against your requirements in a way which is flexible and compatible with existing training, equipment and procedures