Counter-EO UK Working collaboratively with the UK’s strong industrial base, Her Majesty’s Government and the British Army, Counter-EO UK
delivers integrated solutions in line with the UK Armed Forces’ recognised method of countering IEDs across all three lines of operation
– Attack the Network, Prepare the Force and Defeat the Device – to provide solutions tailored to your needs.
About Counter-EO UK
Counter-EO UK We have a thorough understanding of the IED threat following decades of UK Armed Forces success in countering EO
on operations at home and worldwide and we understand that a comprehensive cross-government, military and police response
is required to protect the population and we work with you to provide integrated solutions.
Customer Solutions
Counter-EO UK We offer a comprehensive capability for countering the EO threat supported by a supply chain of over 130 UK companies
who have proven ability in recent operations to provide and deploy solutions to urgent operational requirements.
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