Customer Solutions

Counter-EO End-To-End Capability (E2EC)

  • Provide an objective threat assessment and capability audit
  • Define requirements in conjunction with you
  • Identify tailored, multi-capability solutions to meet your needs

The UK Counter-EO Industry has earned worldwide respect through over 40 years of experience. We understand the threats, partner with government agencies to define requirements and measure against our UK Counter-EO database. We listen and work with you to analyse the threat and assess existing capability. We present options for an End to End Capability (E2EC) with a timeline for delivery and an integration plan to deliver the maximum effect.

Capability delivered by an integrated mix of regular and reserve military, civilian and industry resources as a first choice to meet the needs of our international partners.

  • Partners the government with industry to deliver the best possible capability
  • Access to the full power of UK government and industry for international partners
  • Combines the operational experience of the military with the innovation from UK industry
  • Coherent, UK Industry approach through a single contact
  • Enables a long term relationship to be developed with international partners to address the threat, produce an agreed requirement and deliver, through the life of a contact