Prepare the Force

  • Counter-IED Understanding and Awareness (at all levels)
  • Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (Best Practice)
  • Training (Initial, Continuation and Mentoring)
  • Simulation (Individual and Collective)
  • Media Operations (Information and Advice)

“Prepare the Force” incorporates all information, education and training required to ensure that all personnel involved in countering IED threats are thoroughly prepared to undertake appropriate action, it includes awareness of the IED threat, the operational environment, cultural issues, partner capabilities and the most effective means of training delivery. This activity is not restricted to military and police terms.

It includes informing civilians of the potential consequences of IED events and ensuring that they have sufficient knowledge to mitigate developing threats and that they are alert to potential hazards and understand how to seek help when it is required. This is all designed to avoid unnecessary loss of life, maiming and injury of the innocent and collateral damage to property.